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Pièce unique

L'antichambre et le cabinet botaniste « Je t'aperçois  » 2022  

At first glance, this antechamber is a classic.

It is a passageway to another space in the house. However, it emanates a disconcerting modernity that is expressed through the play of materials and the insertion of contemporary panels.

The décor is a Cristal White marble panelling intercepted by backlit opaline glass panels. The floor is made of black Nero Marquina marble with a satin finish and white Cristal White marble with a hammered finish. The coffered ceiling is made of black defibered oak.

In the middle is the “Cabinet Botaniste”, a virtual and real cabinet with a secret.

Gilles and Boissier threw themselves into the unknown of metavers with aurèce vettier.

This universe is not so far from their daily life because the creation of each space is part of the invention of a virtual space. The virtual creation is the obligatory passage of each of their projects. Each set is imagined, composed, retouched and furnished virtually. It is then manufactured and inhabited. Each piece of furniture is also designed and invented for its setting. These four virtual and real works explain the exciting interaction between these two worlds.

aurèce vettier is a studio founded by Paul Mouginot in 2019. The collective aims to understand how relevant and meaningful interactions with machines and algorithms can be achieved, in order to push the boundaries of creative processes. The works of aurèce vettier are the result of a lot of back and forth between the “real” space in which we exist, where we can draw, paint, sculpt, break, erase; and the “data” space, where we can play with more dimensions than we humans can understand. In this virtual space, which may involve artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms or heavy mathematical processing, the studio expands the possibilities, exploring new forms that can be projected into reality.

Pièce unique

L'antichambre et le cabinet botaniste « Je m'approche  » 2022

The botanist’s cabinet is in dialogue with its décor.

The decor is mysterious and the cabinet also hides its secret. It is housed in a room that has been specially designed to accommodate it, an antechamber. It is the mysterious room of the house and leads to another unknown space. Is it a living room, a bedroom, another antechamber?

Pièce unique 

L'antichambre et le cabinet botaniste « Je vais t'ouvrir  » 2022

The decor is mysterious and the cabinet also hides its secret. It is enthroned in a room created especially for it, an antechamber

The cabinet looks frail on its branch legs, made of black patinated bronze, a perfect combination of nature and artificial intelligence. This bronze multi-legged piece carries a mysterious cedar box which also hides its secret.

Pièce unique

Le cabinet botaniste  2022

Bronze and stained cedar.

Dimension: W = 24 cm x H = 169 cm x D = 18cm

Made of sandblasted cedar and stained with a natural black wax, with bronze reflections. This is a rare, exceptional piece of cedar, worked, defibrated, chosen to express an extremely lively material where the knots of the wood are in turmoil.

In its heart, it houses the treasure of its owner. A poem, a letter, a flower…