Glass shelf version and mirror back and box
Structure in smoked oak / High gloss smoked oak doors / Mirror cabinet back / High gloss smoked oak drawer / Interior electrification / Baseboard in patinated steel

High gloss smoked Eucalyptus
Structure: High gloss smoked Eucalyptus / Door: High gloss smoked Eucalyptus / Shelf: Smoked satin Eucalyptus / Baseboard: Black patinated metal

Raw brushed sanded cedar
Structure: Raw brushed sanded cedar / Door: Raw brushed sanded cedar / Shelf: Raw brushed cedar / Handle: Black patinated brass / Baseboard: Raw brushed sanded cedar


W 25,59 x D 19,69 x H 59,06 inch
W 25,59 x D 19,69 x H 59,06 inch
W 31,50 x D 19,69 x H 59,06 inch