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             In complementary ways, Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier oppose and attract one another. They clash, to better reconcile. Of these disagreements comes a rich and inspired creative dialogue: involved in a mental ping-pong, the pair shapes its ideas. If wood species and pure lines are Patrick Gilles’ language, Dorothée plays with colours, spatial fluidity and an innate elegance to brighten spaces up.

As a couple, they write a partition where each uses his own role and stylistic influences to make a whole.

Combining confident taste and creativity, Patrick and Dorothée frequently give artists carte blanche, such as François Houtin, Cyprien Chabert or Alix Waline, who invest the walls of their projects. And transform the perception of space.

A timeless and abundant approach, cultural and rigorous, that has earned them International recognition.

“We love Les Choses.

We create a collection of projects, furniture, objects, and emotions;

a collection that tells our story, pairing, mixing and conjugating relentlessly and not without pleasure,

the words of the illustrator and the drawings of the writer,

with France as roots and the world as horizon.”

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